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Jane McCartney is an ARTIST.  I have been purchasing costume jewelry all of my life.  Never have I received the compliments I receive when I wear Jane's designs.

I have both purchased and commissioned custom pieces from Jane, and been thoroughly pleased with the outcomes.  I have given Jane's jewelry to my friends and heard back that Jane's pieces quickly became their "go to" accessories.

I met Jane about 9 months ago -- I became an instant admirer and will always return to her designs.

Sandy Tobias, LANG Realty


As the owner of SPICE, I can say firsthand that our clients have responded with such enthusiasm to our exclusive collection of Jane McCartney Jewelry.  For the past year, SPICE and Jane McCartney have enjoyed developing what is a truly successful collaboration working together on several signature looks that are sold exclusively at SPICE.  As SPICE had already put together a well curated collection of artisan -- both local and global -- vendors it only seemed to be a natural fit to include Jane's collection as on of our "go to" designers from the Delray Beach area.  Some of her key pieces have sold to clients around the country!

Susan Altschuler, Owner, SPICE

OlgaAdler_3502_SQ copy.jpeg

Jane McCartney is who I turn to when I need a totally custom, unique piece of jewelry for a special occasion: an awards show, a premiere or a special trip. As a designer myself, I appreciate Jane’s ability to understand exactly what I need, to interpret my thoughts into “jewelry” language, and then to comb through her “secret” sources to find one-of-a-kind elements for my piece. It’s what jewelry dreams are made of!

Diana face 2.jpg

The pieces I ordered are so beautiful! They all look exactly like the photos and everything was shipped very quickly. I am very pleased with my purchase and will be buying again!

Diana Hemlick


It was such a pleasure working with Jane photographing her new collections-she is so talented and has such a passion for her work-it shows in each piece Jane creates. I look forward to working with her again.

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