CARAVAN TREASURES-a set of 3 stretch elastic bracelets-a stack of  turquoise imperial jasper, red bamboo coral chips, faceted turquoise beads, inlaid bone, Tibetan and African brass beads with 3 focals: a large Tibetan brass bead inlaid with turquoise and coral, a large Tibetan conch shell bead inlaid with turquoise and coral, and an antique brass open palm hand charm.These bracelets are all S/M-each measure around 7-7 1/8" around. If you require a larger size, please email your wrist measurement and we can make in your size. 

Tibetan inlaid brass and conch shell, jasper, red coral, hand charm

  • When putting on beaded stretch elastic bracelets, it is best to roll the bracelet over the hand as opposed to stretching the elastic-this will preserve the shape and sizing of the bracelet over time. Sould you ever need your bracelet restrung, just ship it back to us and we will take care of it immediately.

    ​For custom sizing-measure your wrist with a tape measure. If a tape measure is not available, wrap a piece of string around your wrist (right above the wrist bone) and measure the length with a ruler. Add half an inch to an inch, depending how loose you like your bracelet. We recommend adding an inch to bracelets with charms and half an inch to bracelets without a charm.